Sunday, April 8, 2018

Early detection: 2 words that can save your life.

It is better to prevent than to cure. Nevertheless what would happen when you already have an illness but you are not aware of it?
Early detection is a key factor in survival from deadly diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Especially in the last case, changing to a healthy diet, like a plan base diet and cutting the sugar and other non healthy food, and receiving proper medical treatment, can save your life. In the World health Day, the WHO is focusing on giving healthcare to all, as many people are lacking the resources that can save their lives. Still, if the individual is not aware of the importance of early detection he or she might well stay home until the symptoms are unbearable and they are force to go the hospital... and in many cases it is already too late.
Some early detection techniques have been put under the magnifying glass, for example mammography, because the health care insurance companies can make a lot of money from this procedures and it might be done too often without real outcomes. Other types of early detection are not directed to prevent life threatening illnesses, but to enhance the quality of life, your standard of living can be destroy if you are blind, so finding out soon enough that your retina is decaying is another example about early detection can improve people's lives.
There is also an economic benefit to know that you have a problem before it turns into a snowball running downhill.

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